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Hello everybody, My name is Mary Jane you can also connect with me on  http://twitter.com/sister103 email me on 103sister@gmail.com

Bless you all. Im a nun on the run. I love to use twitter and I am really enjoying talking to all the wonderful people via the net. Im an avid follower of art and I am looking forward to going to a show in my home town very soon. The painting above was  done by a young woman called Deirdra who has employed me to do some writing about her works that will be put into a book. Deirdra so gratefully allowed me to use some of her beautiful paintings to design my new blogsite.  In return I said I would show some of her works. I visited the college where she is studying and there are many wonderful artists/students currently working away in their studio space’s.  Some of whom said that they would love me to mention them and their works on this blog. So I will keep you posted.



Oh how we Sisters laughed when we saw the  sketch above. It  was sent into me by a lovely fella called David Duffy who is a very talented artist. Six pack of Sisters how funny you are David. Bless!

Here at the Church we do lots of art’s and crafts. One of the Sister’s called Betina  is abit an artist herself. In Sister Betina’s spare time and mostly on her break from prayer she likes to do abit of art. Mostly painting but she is inclinded to do a bit of everything. Only last week she did a performance peice on top of the alter during Father O’Hanlans wonderful Sunday Mass. Well everybody was so surprized by her entrance on a harley.

We all laughed at the way she stripped off and danced to the choir. All for arts sake. Poor Betina was so annoyed when she realized Sister Bettie had’nt pressed record on the camcorder. I said hush now Betina at least it was an experince. Some people were a bit taken aback and disgusted by her performance but some applauded her bravery. I hadn’t really being paying much attention, to be honest with you I was down at the back of the Church twittering on the laptop. I will keep you posted on the up  coming show. Hopefully I will have other works by other artists too. This my darlings will depend on time. Bless!

Alittle bit about Deirdra and the kind of thing she wants placed in a real women’s artist book she is displaying in the show in a few weeks. She has given me some guidlines to what she wants.  What follows is a peice that will be placed into the book that will be identical to the book its self. It is she tells me quite a serious book as it is mostly about feminism. So she wants her page in it to be a piss take. Her word’s not mine. Bless!

“It’s quite simple really I’ve always really em… preferred       Barry’s Tea to Lyons Tea.  I guess when it boils down to it….it’s all about the em ……………..damn it sorry I think I may have left the kettle on.”(Deirdra 2009) 

1 Enjoying the T…., above (2009), 14cmx18cm  Deirdra’s Studio Space, Wexford, Ireland

2 Box/Boox Series, 2009, In the name of the T….  each14cmx18cm  Deirdra’s studio space, Wexford, Ireland     


                 3 Shopping for T…., 2009, 14cmX18cm. Wexford,Ireland


                  4 Waiting for the T….., 2009,  45cmX60cm, Wexford,Ireland


                  5 The moment of   T…., 2009, 30cmX30cm


                  6 Seeking for the T….., 2009, 45cmX60c


                  7 T…., Time, 2009, 45cmX60cm Wexford, Ireland


                  8 Home is where the T…. is 2009,



                  9The Gathering 2009 20cmX16cm,  Roaming around somewhere.

Well I wonder what the T stand’s for Deirdra

All  I can say is that all this talk of Tea reminds me of a quote in Monty Phyton

“Make tea not war”

Wouldn’t that be lovely. remember Alice in wonderland?

Lewis Carroll (1865) Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 6

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.

“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”

Oh dear all this talk of tea. I think it’s time for a nice cuppa unlike Deirdra  myself and the Sister’s prefer Lyons to Barrys Tea better  flavour emmm…. I think I’ll have myself a Mr Kipling as he dose make exceedingly good cakes.

We had a kettle; we let it leak:Our not repairing made it worse.
We haven’t had any tea for a week…The bottom is out of the Universe.

~Rudyard Kipling

Yes I do so agree where oh where would we be without nice cup of Tea.


Before I  forget you can follow the roaming journal or leave a comment on Walsh’s website.





Sister Bettie likes to write poetry and she has asked me to add this poem in to my blog. Bless you Bettie.


Books of blessed memories echoes through the skies-

struck the core of enemies who await the sun to arise.

Golden words are written –

etched upon the wooden frame.

Stolen birds are forbidden to take part in the sacred game.

Long worn out tales shadow the fallen leaves.

Tall burnt out trees- repeated echoes believes.

A shipwrecked story of a tall tale swept upon the sands-

only few will remain.

Books of blessed  memories sets sail.

All but one has no name.

by Sister Bettie Bumble


Every body is very busy getting ready for the show. While I was wondering around the college I stumbled into Deirdras space and met her lovely daughter Roisin relaxing in her Mothers studio space.

The Book: Enjoying the T....

The Book: Enjoying the T....

This is the book Deirdra has in her show. She asked me to do some writing in it for her. I was so happy to do it. In essance I am in a small way part of the show. 

The following is what is inserted into the book:

Capital T          Employing the medium of all kinds of everything, Deirdra Walsh gives expression to Things, Tit bits, This and That, bits and bobs on subjects that range from really much a do about nothing. While she was a student she was oriented towards whatever…. but her aim was nonetheless to convey content and present her Themes to anyone that was interested.

             An avalanche of Terrible Times had turbulent consequence For Walsh’s later work. In her own words ” I guess it was  the case of the terrible Ts emerging from the shadows – Terrified Traumatised and Tired I just had to -I guess detach myself some how” (2002)

             In 2002 Walsh had the message “All I wanted was a cup of Tea printed in ink mixed with blood of a swine smeared all over posters, messages were printed on T–shirts T- cups anything that began with the letter T. This led to Walsh’s fascination with the letter T.

             It was a Traumatic time for Walsh and she had to seek Treatment and after words she detached her self from all the Terrible Ts and was left with the most important T of all and that was the TRUTH for which she still seeks through her art. 

              No one witnessed the work mentioned above and we only have Walsh’s word for it as seeming all theses works were destroyed and put in a large blender and now sit in some liquid state somewhere.

              In Her final essay ‘The curse of the Tea bag’ which began with -There was an old woman who lived in a big yellow Tea pot, she had some many teabags she kept them in her cot, was a complex yet compelling story.

              One has to question Walsh’s logic, why did the old woman have so many teabags in the fist place?  Was she lonely, was she expecting or hoping for company? And most importantly it has the critics asking was this story just a recycled version of ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe?  And if so Why? 

It seems we will never know.

              Irrespective of the mediums she uses, Walsh’s messages always pack an emotional punch, provoking the tea drinker not only to stop and drink but also to stop and Think.  Deirdra Walsh no longer drinks  tea.


                                                                                                                                                    Sister Mary Jane

                                                                                                                                                   An avid T drinker

The Gathering

In executing her works Walsh decided to stir away from T altogether and concentrated on sending out a roaming journal where people could contribute by adding something artist. This journal is presently in France and is then seemingly going to the US unfortunately the book has not yet returned and Walsh would have liked it for a particular show. Yet Walsh stressed in a very heart felt interview with the T lady (2009) ‘it takes time for something to really get going but I truly feel something is brewing’

Sister Mary Jane      


My Mother always said...whats the story?...put the kettle on

My Mother always said...whats the story?...put the kettle on

 This is a photo of Deirdra’s work space for the show.

I’d like to say to all the students at the college  good luck for tommorow and may God bless you all.